20 people died in the schooling building collapse

March 16, 2019 |

A four-story building in Lagos, Nigeria collapsed on Wednesday, killed 20 people and injured 45 others, according to a health commissioner of the state. Jide Idris, the commissioner, said there are still 4 adults and 10 children to receive special care and medical treatment. However, the number of children coping with death is unrevealed.

This incident is another warning to the bad conditions of constructions in Nigeria. Recently, there have been collapses in buildings throughout the country. Although Nigeria is the country which has the most population in Africa, the government still does not enforce its regulations and upgrade the quality of construction materials.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho nigeria building collapse

With 23 million residents, Lagos becomes the most populous city in Nigeria. It has the denser concentration of population when poor families gather in small areas so they will not waste much money. Because of the poverty of the residents, the construction condition of their accommodation is also poor.

The collapsed building was found to be a school with approximately 100 students, but the number of students to be present in the place is still unsure. The rescue ended on Thursday when officials announced there is no one left. However, some residents nearby still doubt this. They think there are more people under the ground.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho nigeria building collapse

Because of the low quality of constructions, many people in the Lagos degraded buildings have to leave their houses and temporarily live in a tent outside, near the accident site. They have to wait for government aids in terms of foods, clothing, and accommodation.

According to the Lagos governor, the school in the accident site was set up illegally, but all buildings in the place have had structural testing. There will soon be a further investigation of the accident. The local government will also do their best to aid people who are in need and find suitable solutions for cases with severe damages.


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