Best Places to Live in Nigeria (part 2)

January 26, 2020 |

2. Abuja

In the sharp contracts to Lagos regarding its diversity, its hustlers’ chaos, Abuja is one well-designed city as well as houses every nation decision maker, from the Federal lawmakers to the President, every head of security agencies as well as ministers in the nation who oversees the infrastructural development.

These men of power are present, ensuring that the city ticks just about every box in connection with organized security structure provision, access to essential human amenities (housing, health, and water), leisure centers, functional road networks, and every other social facility which makes a city thick.

Overall, all of the above makes the city one gravitational force, which pulls the people here and foreigners of every class (the rich, the super-rich, the poor, and the not so rich) racing into it for a variety of reasons. No matter what your purpose, this city should be the destination that you wouldn’t wish to miss.


Known as the coal city, Enugu state’s capital city in southeastern Nigeria is a destination that you won’t regret visiting.

Full of a vibrant, youthful population thanks to the presence of some institutions of higher learning near and within the city, Enugu is known as home to the accessible Nigeria coal mine, post-colonial Eastern Nigeria’s former capital city as well as housing the residence of igbo’s Ikemba 1 and a lot of famous Nollywoods creative minds.

The city has its fair share of anything that matters to anyone desiring to relocate to one beautiful, serene, secure, and functioning city in Nigeria.

From many tourist attractions such as the coal mine, Nike Holiday resort, waterfalls, caves, as well as hills to the well-planned road network, civil service culture, estates, as well as the presence of security apparatus in Nigeria in full measure, this city is a place to be.

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