More than 150 gunmen attacked two villages in Nigeria

May 10, 2019 |

Nigeria is a country located in western Africa whose political situation of has been constantly unstable.

Recently, a group of over 150 motorbike drivers recently attacked two villages in the state of Katsina, northwest Nigeria, killing at least 15 people, plundering and burning homes.

Nigerian police, on May 2, said the attack happened on April 30 and lasted until dawn on May 1. Some patrol police groups have been sent to the scene. Katsina is located 350 km north of the capital Abujua. In recent months, this locality has continuously suffered from attacks by armed elements.

In another attack, some gunmen infiltrated a secondary school in Zurmi, Zamfara state on May 1, kidnapping five people including two kitchen staff and 3 children of the children. these two. The local police are cooperating with the school leadership to determine the whereabouts of the missing people. No armed group has acknowledged the abduction.

According to Nigerian officials, in recent months, militants have repeatedly attacked villages, plundering livestock and food, burning houses and kidnapping for ransom. Last month, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari instructed the country’s authorities to end violence and kidnapping in Katsina state, as well as many other localities.

Unstable security encompasses Nigeria due to armed attacks on civilians as well as clashes between Nigerian government forces and armed groups in the country. According to the UN humanitarian coordinator, in the past few weeks more than 30,000 Nigerians have been displaced in the country. Many of them had no shelter that they had to sleep outside the refugee camp.

About 20,000 people went to Teachers Village camps, severely overloading the camp, while tens of thousands of refugees at the Monguno camp desperately needed humanitarian assistance on food, clean water and sanitation.

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