Nigeria introduces sex offenders register

November 27, 2019 |

Database of people convicted of sexual violence has been set up for helping in the effort to deal with violence against women.

Notably, this country indeed introduced the first sexual offenders register at the national level, thus setting up the database of people convicted for sexual violence. This move has been seen as a crucial step towards the aim to clamp down on abuse.

As such, the “Sexual Offender Register” is comprised of the names of all the people who have been prosecuted for their sexual violence since 2015.

Reportedly, one in four women from Nigeria suffers the sexual abuse before turning 18, with most of the cases of those sexually abused in the country have not been prosecuted.

At the launch in Abuja – the Nigeria’s capital, on Money, the minister for humanitarian affairs – Sadiya Farouq said, “this register will act as a strategy for stopping those involved in violence against women”.

Also, she told that a security and humanitarian crisis in the northeast of the country caused by an armed campaign long ago had seen an increase in sexual abuse cases that are necessarily solved. 

This register will become online available for helping the public, police, and state bodies conduct background checks as well as identifying repeat offenders.

Plus, the suspects cleared will be recorded in one part of this register with availability only to law enforcement agencies, considering concerns by campaigners that most of the sexual offenders manage to escape prosecution owing to failings in the system of justice.

Further, ordinary citizens can access the register managed by the NAPTIP (National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking Persons) from Nigeria and is mostly funded by the European Union (EU). To begin with, 15 NGOs will be in charge of monitoring media reports and police all over the country.

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