Nigeria team’s shirt sold out in 3 minutes

September 10, 2019 |

The shirt of the African national football team is out of stock after only 3 minutes of opening orders online. Counterfeit shirts began to flood the market.

The BBC quoted the Nigerian Football Confederation as saying that 3 million people had successfully ordered the team’s shirt on June 1. The registration system of the manufacturer must also be closed after only 3 minutes because of the stock.

According to the Guardian, not only did “online” robbers, fans also lined up outside the fashion store to wait to buy with this shirt.

In his home town of Nigeria, because of the high demand for the goods, the shirt was copied and sold widely in markets in Lagos last week. Moreover, the manufacturer does not have an official distribution store here.

This year, the Nigeria team shirt was designed by a famous sports fashion brand. After the shirt sold out, many other customers began flocking to its fashion stores in London (UK) to buy clothes in person.

The shirt cost 64.95 pounds, became so popular thanks in part to the famous players who are advertising models. Arsenal star Alex Iwobi and Leicester’s Wilfried Ndidi are two of these names.

The model was described as a “more sophisticated, beautiful version” of the Nigerian national team shirt in 1994, with “black and white arms inspired by the eagle and the green body”.

Nigeria wore this new shirt when facing England in a warm-up match before the World Cup at Wembley on June 9.

Coach Sampaoli was “stripped of his power”, Messi and his teammates formed a soccer team with Nigeria  

The Argentinian Football Association (AFA) still supports Jorge Sampaoli but it seems the players do not. The evidence is that the press has revealed that Messi and his teammates are ready, etc. to set themselves up for the death match against Nigeria.

Today is Lionel Messi’s 31st birthday, but the striker wearing Barcelona is sure to have a fun party. By the internal of Argentina has been complicated.

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