Nigerian Fashion Bloggers to Follow (part 2)

December 27, 2019 |

4. Grace Alex

She is one fashion blogger also famous as T2pitchy from Instagram. She has blogged at GA Fashion as well as being currently studying in Washington, D.C., America about Communication Culture and Technology. She initially began blogging in 2011 as one way of helping her overcome depression. Her honest and open online diary helped Grace connect with others that could relate to the things she went through. Plus, since then, she has been working with large brands such as Clinique, Google, New Look, and Daniel Wellington.

5. Maryam Salam

She is one fashion blogger and The Blogger Point’s founder – it is one influencer marketing community for many Nigerian bloggers. She learned about Fashion Marketing and Branding in England and took her fashion love to the next level by beginning her blog in 2013. Maryam is now studying one Master’s degree in International Business and Entrepreneurship and working as one part-time stylist. The blogger hopes to grow her The Blogger Point into one impactful community for a lot of Nigerian bloggers to be able to meet each other, cooperate as well as expressing their ideas in one safe environment. 

6. Kuyet Bamai

He was born in Kaduna State in Nigeria’s North. He is one lifestyle and fashion blogger, social media strategist as well as a content creator now undergoing Abuja’s National Youth Service program. He began blogging from 2015 and has since developed his blogging content that he shares many style picks as well as the joys and hardships life has to offer.

7. The Cocopolitan

Mary A runs the Cocopolitan – she is one fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger from Canada. She began blogging in 2013 and has kept on evolving as one content creator. Her ultimate mission is to genuinely share her truth as well as connecting with her readers.

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