Nigeria’s Shi’ite Muslim group announced a suspension of protests

August 3, 2019 |

IMN spokesman Ibrahim Musa said he would protest against the ban, as well as the government’s consideration of its “terrorist” activity this weekend.

IMN held nearly daily demonstrations in the capital Abuja to call for the release of this movement leader, Ibrahim Zakzaky, who had been arrested since December 2015. The clash between security forces and protesters last week caused at least 6 protesters, 1 journalist and 1 senior police officer to die. 

On July 30, Nigerian police announced that anyone involved in the IMN group would be “considered terrorists”. IMN protests increased as members of the group worried about the health situation of Mr. Zakzaky.

Earlier, on July 9, Nigeria’s parliament was blocked after a protest turned into riot outside the country’s parliament building. Violence occurs when hundreds of marchers intend to storm the Nigerian Parliament building in the capital Abuja. Some protesters won guns from a security officer and tried to cross the security fence at the entrance. Clashes broke out and three policemen were shot by protesters.

Discharge of firearms at the crowd at the funeral in Nigeria: At least 65 people were killed

Nigeria national television on July 28 reported that at least 65 people were killed in the attack allegedly committed by rebel group Boko Haram. Visit a funeral in Northeast Nigeria a day earlier, nearly three times the original report.

This is also one of the bloodiest attacks in recent years in this West African country. Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari condemned the attack and instructed the country’s military to arrest the culprit.

According to the head of the local government, gunmen murdered 21 people in Nganzai district, near Borno’s state capital, Maiduguri, when they had just returned from the funeral, then killed another 44 when they gathered. looking for ways to focus on self-defense.

In addition to the deaths, the attack caused 10 injuries.

Earlier, the local militant leader Bunu Bukar Mustapha said that the attackers went on three motorbikes to fire on a group of people on the way from a funeral home.

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