Rich Nigerian people ordered pizza in England, transported by plane

May 26, 2019 |

Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture expressed pessimism about the country’s economic situation when West African wealthy people ordered pizza from Britain via airplanes.

According to Business Insider, speaking to the Senate Agricultural Committee recently, Nigerian Agriculture Minister Audu Ogbeh said: “Did you know, Nigerian people ordered pizza from London by phone?” British Airways aircraft deliver pizza to Nigeria, and they arrive at the airport to pick up the goods. ”

The 71-year-old minister described it as “a very bad situation” and Nigeria needed to quickly take limited measures. Ogbeh made the statement at a time when the Nigerian government was trying to reduce its dependence on imports.

Audu Ogbeh, Nigerian Agriculture Minister, is annoyed with the wealth of the rich.

Minister Ogbeh said that imports are killing the livelihood of Nigerian farmers. He criticized the wealthy residents who lived in luxury, preferring to consume imported goods as a sign of status and wealth.

“Some people even use imported rice and tomatoes because they think it is a must to eat imported food,” Mr. Ogbeh said.

“Each year we spend too much money on imports, like 18 million dollars for toothpicks, 400 million dollars for tomato powder, etc. Meanwhile, a basket of tomatoes grown in the country only costs about 5,56 USD, “he said.

In response, the British Airways airline Twitter account posted a brief message: “Does anyone think pizza is free?”

Nigeria used to be an economic bright spot in Africa thanks to oil revenues. However, according to Bloomberg, Nigeria’s economic growth falls into a weak situation since 2015 when oil prices plummeted.

Nigeria’s unemployment rate is currently up to 10%. Even many investors warned Nigeria that it could become the second “Venezuela”.

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